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Countersunk Magnet

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Countersunk Magnet

Countersunk Magnet is a new generation of neodymium magnet, which has expanded the range of application, whether this object is wooden, plastic or steel, we can also use countersunk magnet to fix in place with screws, which allows the magnet to be easily fastened into place for a temporary or permanent fixing purpose.


The countersunk magnet is available with a countersink on the north face or south face of the magnet, they can work with M4, M5, M6, M8 etc. countersunk screws. WhetherNorth pole or South pole is on the magnetic face, countersunk magnet can be as a pair to attact or repel when they are used. That is to say, when you are using two countersunk magnets together, like poles repel and opposite poles attract.

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