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Black Epoxy Coated Magnet

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Black Epoxy Coated Magnet

Black epoxy coated neodymium magnet is widely used for a lot of applications, mostly in different motors. Also, it will be your best solution if you need to use magnets outdoors or in a humid environment.


Black epoxy coating is regarded as the most corrosion resistant coating option of neodymium magnets, this coating gives magnets a flat and black finish. It is a protective material made from epoxy-based resin, it can provide Neodymium magnets with outstanding resistance to corrosive chemicals, heat, and ultra-violet light. The main features of black epoxy coating are: 1) Non-porous, water and chemical resistant; 2) Extremely impact resistant (contains a form of nylon); 3) Colored black, to prevent visual inspection; 4) Affords high security, once cured, extremely difficult to remove; 5) Non-conductive, an electrical insulator; 6) Low toxicity; 7) Easy and simple to mix; 8) Long pot life; 9) Can be cured in one hour at 65°C (150°F); 10) RoHS compliant.


The black epoxy coating has better corrosion resistance than NiCuNi coating, also just as NiCuNi coating, black epoxy coating is coated by electroplating process, then we can apply this coating to Neodymium magnet very easily, contact us for a custom epoxy coated Neodymium magnet now.

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