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Magnetic Lifter

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The magnetic  Lifter /crane (magnetic hoist) uses high performance magnetic materials to make it smaller, lighter and more attractive. Unique magnetic circuit design, remanence is almost zero.
The safety factor is high and the maximum pull-out force is 3.5 times the rated lifting force. The handle switch is equipped with safety button, which can be operated by one hand and is convenient and safe. The bottom of the crane has a "V" groove design.
The corresponding round steel and steel plate can be hoisted. No electricity, permanent magnetic force, safe use. It can be widely used in field operation, lifting and handling of steel, installation and handling of flat mechanical parts and various moulds.

It is mainly used in the process of lifting, connecting, loading and unloading and handling of magnetic conductive materials of block, column and other parts. Especially for other lifting tools because of the inconvenience of fixed and laborious objects has an irreplaceable role, is the factory, wharf, warehouse, transportation industry's most ideal lifting tools.


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