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 Pot Magnets with Eyebolt/Magnetic Hook

1.Description: Pot magnets with eyebolt, one of magnetic assemblies, is also called pot magnet. This product is made of small metal cup and disc neodymium magnet with nickel coating, as the corrosion resistance of NdFeB magnet is considered poor.

These Neodymium magnets are sunken in to a steel shell meaning that the north pole is on the center of the magnetic face and the south pole is on the outer edge around it. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnets giving them an incredible hold for their size. An added advantage of these magnets is that they are resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface. However, they are not suitable for underwater applications.

2.Application: Pot magnets with eyebolt are very versatile product for hanging most things, we can attach them to metal surface without marking, meanwhile we can easily remove the eyebolt, generally we can attract coins, other steel plates, hang pot plants, keys, hats, umbrellas, tools, lights and paintings etc., you can create its application, then try it, you will get full of surprises. 


We are able to provide custom magnets for all customers according to your drawing designs, if you're interested in our products, please feel free to contact with us, we will supply professional neodymium magnet and good service for you.


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